Anonymous asked: I swear I have the biggest crush on you 😭😂


It’s ok everyone does tbh.


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I’ve had enough of this

Me too

“If you find yourself making excuses not to pray Salah, then you better realize that your soul is in serious trouble.”

“As for self-restraint, from it branches out satisfaction, resignation, good fortune, comfort, a sense of evaluation, humbleness, a sense of remembrance, contemplation, magnanimity and generosity. These are the many ramifications for the intelligent man who practices self-restraint and is satisfied with Allah and with his share.”

Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Reference: Tuhaf al-`Uqoul, no. 17.

I just want to go back to work and bury myself into other peoples more important problems than deal with my own sanity.

Allow you all.

“If you are not defeated from within your heart, no one can defeat you from outside.”

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This is so beautiful.

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“Safety lies in silence. It is easier to rectify what you miss by silence, than to secure what you lose by speaking.”

Imam Ali (AS)

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